2016 saw the 69th Exhibition of the The Worcester Society of Artists at Worcester City Art Gallery. We are proud of this arrangement and consider it to be the highlight of our year.

This year will be our 70th Anniversary, and the exhibition will run from 16th September to 28th october

We nominate the Annual Peter Spicer Award, the WSA Student Award, and the Mayor's Choice is loaned for a year to hang in the Mayors Parlour. Visitors vote for the Public's Favourite.

Below are a selection of 'Paintings of Note' from the Exhibition that has just finished.

2016 Public Vote Results:
Well over 200 peole voted, having 3 choices each.

Below are the winners.

1. Valerie Briggs - 'Lazy Days'
2. Alan Yates - 'Deep, Crisp and Even'
3. Patrick Dunn - 'Diglis Lock''
4. Rachel Pryke - 'Ben Lomond, Loch Ard'
5. Ann Bennett - 'Amy'


To the left: The Mayor opens the exhibition
on the preview evenng


Sold: Claire Campbell

A selection from the 'Comments Book' (1)

'A very good exhibition, with some fine paintings'.

'A very good mix of paintings'.

'Food for thought, I might get my paints out again'.

'Lovely to see some art again'.

'Very impressive pieces of work'.

'We are surprised to see such good local artists'.

'Overall a great show'.

'All the pieces are beautiful'.

Sold: Patrick Greenow

A selection from the 'Comments Book' (2)

'Some familiar names amongst the artists, but overall a very impressive display'

'I was astonished by the foxes fur'.

'Beautiful and interesting'.

'Beautiful display this year with some lovely watercolours'.

'What a variety of techniques and subjects - What talent'.

'Interesting and varied works'.



Peter Spicer Award Winner: Owen Porteous

A selection from the 'Comments Book' (3)

'I definitely think the landscapes on display are so good'.

'Very accomplished and vibrant. Such good use of, and depiction of, light'.

'Wildlife has been captured by lovers of nature'.

'Another excellent exhibition with variety and skill'.

And, Just to show there is no bias....

'Kinda boring'
(Yes, it was the only negative comment)



Thanks to all who left messages.


Mayor's Choice 2: Derek Mills

Mayor's Choice 1: Lisa Bridge

Mayor's Choice 3: Horace Wilkins

Sold: Marion Yeo

Also Sold:

'Diglis Dock' by Patrick Dunn.

Unfortunately no image available.

WSA Student Award: Rosie Fellows