Our Annual Exhibition

Each year we have an Exhibition of the The Society's Work at Worcester City Art Gallery. We are proud of this arrangement and consider it to be the highlight of our year.

We average 2700 visitors per year

We nominate the Annual Peter Spicer Award, the WSA Student Award, and the Mayor's Choice is loaned for a year to hang in the Mayors Parlour.

Visitors vote for the Public's Favourite.

Below are a selection of photos from past exhibitions.

2018 The 'PSW' Public Vote Results:
Sponsored by PSW Paper and Print Ltd
Well over 370 peole voted, having 3 choices each.

Below are the winners.

1. Rachel Pryke - "Ben Nevis Summit"
2. Val Briggs - "On a Cold and Crispy Morning"
3. Val Briggs - "Snow Fight"





Visitors Opinions

Wonderful Variety.
An Annual Event to look forward to.

Beautiful and varied artwork

Another lovely and talented show.
More to come hopefully.

Such a lovely wee collection of local art.

Very peaceful and charming.
Really cheered me up.

A fabulous afternoon out for Dad's Birthday
Thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Brought Gran and Boyfriend.
Wonderful bonding experience.

Fantastic - really good.
Thanks for the ideas for our own gallery.

Wonderful variety and brilliant standard of painting.

Wonderful to return to see such an
amazing exhibition.

Well done - wonderful work








People's Choice: Rachel Pryke